10 DEC – 28 JAN

DEPO DARM presents the group exhibition “Transformation”. The opening of the exhibition will take place in the DEPO DARM Gallery (Iroon Skopeftiriou 54-56, Kaisariani) on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 at 7:30pm. Curated by visual artist & curator Artemis Potamianou, the show will run through Wednesday, 28 January 2015.

The group exhibition “Transformation” aims to explore through the eyes of eight contemporary artists the ways in which they transform artworks by earlier practitioners, taking photographic material or even literary texts and filtering them through their own gaze and artistic gesture to proceed with producing a meta-work.
Starting from Art History and the use of concepts, materials or even actual works of the past, the artists are ultimately led along more personal paths with references to contemporary reality.

Nicolas Bourriaud in his book Postproduction: Culture as Screenplay: How Art Reprograms the World examines specific artworks made on the basis of pre-existing works. Bourriaud coined the term Postproduction in 1997 to describe a series of artistic practices that emerged from the 1990s onwards, appropriating and subverting concepts and ideas in order to generate new questions as well as new interpretations. The artist takes previously created products of culture and art and uses the creative means of postproduction to express a new cultural formation that speaks of both contemporary civilisation and the original source, essentially doing what in DJ terminology would be called a remix.

Of course, this is not a particularly new thing; as Bourriaud points out in his book, the father of the contemporary practice of postproduction is none other than Marcel Duchamp.

The participating artists are: Ino Varvariti, Thanos Klonaris, Elias Kafouros, Eva Marathaki, Christina Mitrentse, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Yorgos Tserionis

Admission to the exhibition is free

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PREVIEW: 10 Dec. 2014 19.30

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Ino Varvariti
Thanos Klonaris
Elias Kafouros
Eva Marathaki
Christina Mitrentse
Maria Ikonomopoulou
Nikos Papadimitriou
Yorgos Tserionis